Finding Our Passion

The Lost One


Sarah Vasquez


When you're from Arizona, people like to say "We got the Desert in our blood" and its true–the beautiful mountains, the breathtaking sunsets. I have the desert in my blood and I also have family in my heart. Growing up cooking was an escape–something to get lost in. I have vivid memories of cooking with my dear Tia Rosie while Nana Christina would critique the taste. I felt love, wisdom, family, home in that kitchen. Its always been a driving force. My love of cooking was learned inside the kitchen and outside experiencing life. Tradition matters, forward thinking matters. The Lost Ones use all of our experiences to create something great so your party can enjoy what I have known from a young age. There's nothing like delicious food, family, friends to create great memories. Come get lost with us one dish at a time.

"We all just loved your Chicken Posole. Thank you for making it for us."

Lupe Garrison


Simply put, we believe in good karma–you get what you give. HONESTY, INTEGRITY, DEPENDABILITY are just the start of our values. We value your time and trust. Our Lost Promise is to serve a great experience from the beginning of this journey to the end.


Our Lost vision, is to bring the catering industry back to FRESH & DELICIOUS food. With our custom menus, ease of access and outstanding values, we're taking it back to you, the customer. Making the choice is easy – get lost with us – you'll find yourself less stressed and well feed.


Food is a necessity. Why compromise? Our passion is to create, not just food but experiences. We love getting LOST IN CREATING, LOST IN LEARNING, LOST IN THE JOURNEY of making your event uniquely spectacular with passion you can taste in every bite.